The Village of Dresser's January 1, 2023 estimated population is 933.  Approximately 683 of the estimated population are of voting age.  At the April 2, 2024 Spring General Election the Village of Dresser had 495 registered voters.  

 Dresser Local 2024 Spring Election Results

At the 2024 Spring General Election the Village of Dresser had 153 voters.  Election results are as follows:

Village Trustee:  Nikki Froehlich = 100 - Elected
                             Lee Williamson = 110 - Elected
                             Darren Peterson = 92 - Elected


  Election Results for Polk County

After every election the Polk County Clerk posts the election results for all municipalities in Polk County on their main web page.  Check it out!



 Outstanding Provisional/Absentee Ballots


April 2, 2024 General Election:  0 Zero - Provisional Ballots Issued/Outstanding

     22 Absentee Ballots were issued - 18 Absentee Ballots were returned and counted - 4 Absentee Ballot was not returned by 8:00 PM on 4/2/2024  




 Voter Registration

Please contact the Village Clerk (715-755-2940) if you need assistance registering to vote or have questions regarding your voter registration status.  

Another option is to go to My Vote Wisconsin Website:  https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/
     At this website you can check on your voter registration, view your sample ballot,
     find out where to vote, find municipal clerk information, and view your voting history.

 Where do I vote?

The Village of Dresser has one polling place located at the Dresser Community Hall - 115 W Main Street, Dresser.

 What time are the Polls Open?

All election polling places in the State of Wisconsin are open on election day from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

 I am a Registered Voter - what do I need to bring to the Polls in order to vote?

Please bring your Photo ID with you on election day.  Your Photo ID needs to be presented to the election workers in order for you to obtain a ballot.  Information on Photo ID's can be obtained at:  https://elections.wi.gov/voters/photo-id


 How old do I need to be in order to vote?

Wisconsin Statue 6.05 - Election day age determines elector's rights.  Any person who will be 18 years old on or before election day is entitled to vote if the person complies with this chapter.
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